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Frequent Buyer Program

Purchase 10 large bags of dog or cat food and get the 11th FREE!*

Hands FREE: No need to carry a card or clip UPC codes from bags.

Qualifying purchases will be kept in our Point Of Sale system (cash register) and we will notify you when you have earned your free bag.

* Customers must provide their current name, address, e-mail address and phone number

* Only one frequent buyer account per household

* Purchases must be made within a 14 month period, and from the same manufacturer.

* The free bag is equal to the lowest priced item purchased.  By state law, customers must pay sales tax on the free bag.

* Eligible bags are the largest size bag we normally stock.

* This program does not include cans, pouches, or treats. 

* This program is not available for brands who provide their own frequent buyer plan such as Canidae.



We are proud to carry these products at our Pet Quarters locations. Visit this page for more information about new and seasonal products for your pets.



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